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Civil Society Organization (CSO) Week 2023

Sheria Kiganjani had the privilege to attend the Civil Society Organization (CSO) Week 2023 held in Arusha, Tanzania from 23rd to 27th November and represented by our Programs Officer Genila Hiel.

The week served as a collaborative platform for CSOs nationwide to address technology integration for societal development. Organized by the Foundation For Civil Society (FCS), the event attracted 500 organizations from diverse backgrounds. With the overarching theme of “Tech x Society: Then, Now, and Beyond,” the five-day gathering facilitated extensive engagement, idea exchange, and experience sharing through various sessions hosted by different organizations and institutions. 

During the CSO Week 2023, Sheria Kiganjani raised awareness about its operations through shared initiatives in sessions, and networked for potential collaborations. They disseminated materials, publicized social media accounts, and discussed their digital application. Valuable insights were gained on program execution, documentation, and engagement strategies, enhancing the organization's impact. Conversations with various organizations and potential partners opened doors for future collaborations and shared projects.

“The focus on technology's role in societal advancement underscored the importance of collective efforts in shaping the future.”

Timu Yetu